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Ontario Latest PNP Draw-Skilled Trade Stream

  • Jan 14 2023

The OINP issued targeted notifications of interest (NOI) to those who might be eligible for Express Entry's skilled trades stream. A minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for the targeted draw is 336-506. Candidates who scored a CRS from 336-506 NOIs are eligible to participate in the Latest Ontario PNP Draw.

Today, Ontario conducted its first draw for 2023. It invited Employer Job Offer Foreign Worker stream applicants. Ontario released 1,656 Notices of Interest for 2023.

Occupations Invited

Candidates were only notified when they had a full scoring system for ranking CRS, a of 336-506, as well as previous experience working in those National Occupational Codes (NOC), which are listed below:

  • NOC 72010 - contractors and their supervisors shaping and erecting trades, and related jobs
  • NOC 72011 - Construction workers and supervisors and telecommunications professions
  • NOC 72012 - Supervisors and Contractors pipefitting trades
  • NOC 72013 - Construction workers and supervisors and carpentry trades
  • NOC 72014 – Contractors and supervisors, construction trades, installers, repairers and other services
  • NOC 72020 - Construction workers and supervisors mechanic trades
  • NOC 72021 – Contractors and supervisors Heavy equipment crews of operators
  • NOC 72022 - Supervisors printing and similar jobs
  • NOC 72024 - Supervisors motor transport and other ground transportation operators
  • Nov 72101 Tool and Die makers
  • NOC 72102 - Sheet metal workers
  • NOC 72103 - Boilermakers
  • NOC 72104 – Structural metal as well as platework fabricators as well as fitters
  • NOC 72105 - Ironworkers
  • Nov 72106 - Welders and associated machine operators
  • NOC 72200 Electricians (except power and industrial system)
  • NOC 72201 - Industrial electricians
  • NOC 72203 Electrical cable and power line workers
  • NOC 72204 Telecommunications line repairers of cables and cable
  • NOC 72300 - Plumbers
  • NOC 72301 Steamfitters, pipefitters as well as sprinkler systems installers
  • NOC 72310 - Carpenters
  • NOC 72320 - Bricklayers
  • NOC 72321 - Insulators
  • Nov 72400 - Industrial mechanics and construction millwrights
  • Nov 72401 - Heavy-duty mechanics of equipment
  • NOC 72402 Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration mechanics
  • Nov 72403 - Railway carmen/women
  • Nov 72404 - Aircraft mechanics and air inspectors
  • Nov 72406 - Elevator builders and mechanics
  • NOC72410-Automotive Service Technicians, bus and truck mechanics and mechanics repairers
  • NOC 72422 - Electrical Mechanics
  • NOC 72423 - Motorcycles or all-terrain vehicle and other mechanics related to them
  • NOC 72500 - Crane operators
  • NOC 73100 - Concrete finishers
  • NOC 73101 - Tilesetters
  • NOC 73102 – Plasterers, finishers and installers of drywall and lathers
  • NOC 73110 - Roofers, as well as shingles
  • NOC 73111 - Glaziers
  • NOC 73112 - Painters and Decorators (except the interior decorators)
  • NOC 82031 for contractors and supervisors and gardening, grounds care and landscaping and horticulture services
  • The NOC 92100 is for power engineers as well as power system operators

Immigrating to Ontario

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